Properties and Uses of Reclaimed Timber


Reclaimed timber refers to wood that was used in old buildings and constructions. Such wood is then salvaged and used for making different furniture or construction components in modern times. Reclaimed wood can be used in different construction aspects. It can be used for creating wooden floors in new buildings as well as frames for homes. They can be used for finishing walls as well as for creating basement areas. Today there is much stress on reducing the use of hardwood and for that reason, using reclaimed wood is a good way to use wood that has been already used in past construction projects. Hardwood sustains several decades and even if old structures are torn down or old furniture sold or auctioned, the wood that they are made of can still be put to good use.

Desirable properties

There are certain desirable properties of reclaimed wood which makes it good for new constructions. The reclaimed wood has an antique look and feel. Timber is known to have a high moisture content and is of high quality. The milled new wood does not possess such properties. For that reason reclaimed wood is used in the making of modern furniture items on which french polishing is done.

Stability features

The olden time timber has desirable qualities that make them good for present constructions as well. Wood that was used for making barns in the past comprised of timber frames that did not pull apart or shrink even through the years. Reclaimed wood of this quality can help any structure to gain stability in modern times. The wood remains good, even after years of usage with french polishing in Melbourne.

Aesthetic properties

Reclaimed wood offers distinct aesthetic properties. Even if panels have a weathered look, but are structurally stable, these can create pleasing designs and patterns when used as flooring in modern homes. Planks are created from reclaimed wood and used for wooden flooring in areas like dens, living rooms, bedrooms or kitchen areas. This type of wood can be used for creating window frames and decorative doors as well. Chair railings and moldings are also created with reclaimed wood that has a certain look and feel, similar to being fully constructed with hardwood. Canterbury Antiques provides restoration services to ensure that your furniture made of wood will be on its best shape. 

Eco friendly constructions

Those who are conscious about the usage of resources during new constructions are relying on reclaimed wood that can be sourced locally. This type of wood can satisfy several construction requirements and cut down the need to get fresh wood from the lumber stores. In order to reduce carbon foot printing, reclaimed wood is sourced locally from local communities. Employment is created when old construction sites are salvaged for finding usable pieces of wood for new constructions.