Empowering Keratin Treatment

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Anti-Aging |Smoothing| Maximum Strength

This revolutionary formula contains a Keratin System and Stem cell peptides. Our Empowering smoothing treatment has the perfect balance between protein and moisture. This technology is effective and versatile. The results are instantaneous with incredible smoothness, elasticity, brightness and vitality. One formula for all types of hair.


We all want to keep our hair soft, smooth, and beautiful as we age. And that starts with keeping it properly moisturized and hydrated with DAMANCI Keratin Smoothing Hair Treatment, infused with keratin, stem cell peptides, and essential herbal extracts that work together to nourish and protect your hair from the root to the ends. It offers a clean, fresh feeling to start eliminating dryness. Our formula can help eliminate frizz and give you more control so you can capture that perfect look. Great for women and men alike, our smoothing treatment is sure to restore your hair’s lustrous shine for truly brilliant vibrance.


  • Wash hair twice with our DAMANCI Clarifying Shampoo.
  • Towel dry well, then blow dry on medium heat until hair is completely dry.
  • Use a comb and separate the hair into 4 parts.
  • Shake product well.
  • Pour 2 to 3 oz. of treatment into a container.
  • Apply DAMANCI Anti-Aging Keratin treatment with an application brush to a 1⁄2 inch section of hair, layer by layer, 1⁄2 inch away from scalp to ends.
  • Do not apply directly to scalp.
  • Continue until all hair has been treated.
  • Remove excess with comb.
  • Allow treatment to set for 20 minutes.
  • Blow-dry thoroughly with the help of a comb until hair is 100% dry.
  • For undamaged hair, set flat iron to 450F degrees.
  • For moderately to severely damaged hair, set flat iron to 380F degrees.
  • Flat iron each section of hair from roots to ends, 8 to 10 times each.
  • Repeat the procedure until all sections of hair have been treated.
  • Finish by applying our Elixir Argan Oil to restore shine and natural elasticity.
  • Results typically last 4 - 6 months.


  • Long-lasting, extra-strength formula smooths your hair for 4-6 months!
  • Hydrates and restores damaged hair.
  • Works effectively on all types of hair.
  • Results are instant with incredible softness, elasticity, brightness and vitality.






  • Ant-aging formula makes your hair beautiful, healthy and younger-looking.

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